Solo Leveling: The Meaning of “Arise”

This is the true meaning of Sung Jin-Woo’s famous “Arise” moment, which concludes Solo Leveling Episode 12.

Solo Leveling, the most watched anime of Winter 2024, is a masterful fusion of gripping battle sequences and unexpected narrative turns. Season 1 has already concluded, despite the fantastic adventure it has been so far.

Although the much-awaited Sung Jinwoo vs. Igris bout is exciting, the journey is far from over. Soon after Jinwoo vanquishes Igris, he discovers that a magician is in charge of many knights who are still attacking him. He wins the war in the end, despite how tiring it is.

Episode 12 wraps up the Job Change Arc as Jinwoo gets the title ‘Monarch of Shadows.’ As Solo Leveling Episode 12 ends, Jinwoo says “Arise” to the defeated knights.

What is Arise in Solo Leveling?

Arise is a command that Sung Jinwoo uses in Solo Leveling to transform the dead into one of his shadows.

He is given the ability to build an army of the dead after completing the Job Change Quest, which places him in the “Necromancer” Class in the system. Naturally, the outcome surprises him. He has been exercising nonstop to increase his strength and agility ever since the system selected him. Not to add, his general powers and health have greatly increased.

Jin-Woo thinks he’ll probably be selected as an assassin or fighter. He thinks he could receive a Tank Class as well. But when he’s presented with the opportunity to become a necromancer, his aspirations are dashed. He also recognizes that the magician he just vanquished possessed comparable skills. He first says no, but the system indicates that it’s a concealed class.

He accepts the position after giving it much thought, and he is swiftly elevated from Necromancer to “Monarch of Shadows.” Jin-Woo transforms Igris and every other knight in the room into shadows after acquiring his new abilities. When he gives the order “Arise,” this happens, and they are all transformed into strong puppets.

Jin-Woo transformed them into shadows and is now able to command and manipulate them. One of Jin-Woo’s most well-known and recognizable abilities in Solo Leveling is “Arise.” It doesn’t always function, though. For instance, the order has no effect if he tries to dominate someone stronger than himself.

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