Why Solo Leveling Episode 12 ended as it did

Solo Leveling Episode 12 brings the first season to a big conclusion, and Sung Jinwoo is now more powerful than ever. Here’s what goes down.

I think Solo Leveling will rank among the top anime releases of 2024. That much was already true after only a few episodes, as viewers began to follow Sung Jinwoo’s incredible transformation from an E-rank hunter to a top-tier dungeon crawler.

He has already faced several formidable foes, both human and beast, and he is about to unleash his most intriguing skill. If you’re curious about what transpired, we can explain everything to you.

In Episode 12 of Solo Leveling, Sung Jinwoo ascends to Shadow Monarch, commanding an undead army, including Igris, after completing a job change quest. Initially aimed to be a Necromancer, he rapidly gains experience, allowing only three resurrections per body, eventually adding Igris to his legion. Meanwhile, S-rank hunters head to Jeju Island, teasing future plots with Season 2 confirmed.

What happens in the Solo Leveling Episode 12 ending?

Sung Jinwoo becomes the Shadow Monarch at the end of Solo Leveling Episode 12, raising an army of undead knights and Igris to do his biddings. He manages to complete the job change quest by cleverly taking on a penalty mission that let him regroup, heal, and level up some more, before returning to destroy the knights and earning the role of Shadow Monarch.

He was merely supposed to become a Necromancer at first, but he gets so many experience points so quickly that he advances to the Shadow Monarch rank. The primary capability he gains is the capacity to use defeated adversaries as puppets in his own schemes.

Jinwoo initially chooses to go for something bigger: Igris, whose corpse is still on the side of the hall. for defeating all the knights, he raises them all. His power appears to be working, but it soon breaks down, exposing that each body can only be raised three times before it becomes unusable.

On the third go, with Sung Jinwoo commanding “Arise” each time, Igris finally reanimates and joins his legion. Then Sung Jinwoo exclaims that he’s excited to fight alongside his former opponent, and we get credits.

Where are the S-rank hunters going in Solo Leveling Episode 12?

The S-rank hunters are heading to Jeju island in Solo Leveling Episode 12, setting up another arc for the future. At current rate of adaptation, the Jeju Island Arc won’t arrive until Season 3, so expect more teases and twists in the subplot for now.

Thankfully, Solo Leveling Season 2 has been confirmed and is coming soon, so we don’t have long to wait. Check out the best anime like Solo Leveling for ways to keep yourself amused.

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