Parasyte: The Grey K-drama isn’t the first manga live-action

Many are excited about Netflix’s new science fiction K-drama Parasyte: The Grey since it was formerly a well-liked manga that was adapted into an anime and live-action film.

Netflix first revealed the K-drama in 2022, and it has now officially debuted on the platform as one of the planned shows for 2024. Parasyte: Hitoshi Iwaaki’s comic book, which is published by KODANSHA Ltd., is the basis for The Grey.

A devoted following of Iwaaki’s work exists, and these fans are well-versed about the K-drama’s inspiration. The plot centers on a parasitic infestation of humans by alien species. People enslave themselves to murder one another. To save mankind, a group of people fight the parasites.

While the K-drama is one of the exciting new additions for 2024, it’s not the first time Iwaaki’s work has been on the small and big screen.

Parasyte was originally an anime and live-action movie

Prior to the Netflix K-drama, in 2014, Parasyte was produced as an anime series Parasyte – The Maxim and a two-part live-action film.

The first edition of Iwaaki’s science fiction horror manga came out in 1989. As a result of its increasing popularity, it rose to the top of all manga lists. The rights to adapt the manga into a movie were obtained by New Line Cinema in a 2005 bidding war, however their option ran out in 2013.

Toho then won the rights and developed Parasyte: Part 1 directed by Takashi Yamazaki which premiered in November 2014. Parasyte: Part 1 was then released in April 2015.

The logline, as reported by IMDb, states that “Mincemeat murders” are killing people all over the world. Izumi Shinichi, a high school student, may be the truth-finder, but he also has a parasite feeding off him after replacing his right hand.

In Parasite: Part 2, Japanese actor Shôta Sometani returned to the title role of Izumi. A few months have passed since the events of the first chapter when the movie is set. Izumi keeps fending off malicious parasites while discovering new information and experiencing a newborn’s safety.

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