Solo Leveling Episode 12: Release date & spoilers

Solo Leveling Episode 12 is the finale of Cour 1 of the first season so here’s the release date, spoilers, and preview.

Solo Leveling, the most watched anime of Winter 2024, is a masterful fusion of gripping battle sequences and unexpected narrative turns. Cour 1 of Season 1 is almost over, even if it has been a thrilling ride thus far.

The much-awaited fight between Jin-Woo and Blood-Red Commander Igris, the dungeon boss who is guarding the Empty Throne, took place in the previous episode. Jin-Woo can tell right away that it’s really powerful.

He vanquishes Igris during a fierce encounter and gains new gear, including a Teleportation Stone. But this dungeon, the Job Change Quest Dungeon, is not like any other he has visited. Even when Igris is defeated, the battle goes on.

Solo Leveling Episode 12 release date and time

Crunchyroll will stream Solo Leveling Episode 12 on March 30 at 9:30am PT. It is a weekly anime that drops every Saturday. Tokyo MX and other Japanese networks broadcast the episodes at 12am JST.

You can find your time zone below:

  • 12:30am Eastern Time
  • 5:30pm British Time
  • 6:30pm European Time
  • 10:00pm Indian Time
  • 12:30am Philippine Time

Solo Leveling Episode 12 spoilers and preview

Solo Leveling Episode 12 is titled “Arise.” Here’s a look at the preview stills:

The anime’s official website states that the plot of Episode 12 is as follows: “Sung Jin-Woo overcomes the red knight “Igris” despite being pushed into a difficult situation. He can hardly catch his breath as a window alerts him to a new mission.

Tired from the never-ending struggle, Jin-Woo experiences flashbacks of his old self. He looks for signs to overcoming the job change quest in order to overcome his history, which has been referred to as “humanity’s weakest weapon,” and to strive for a stronger version of himself.

A magician concealed in a corner directs many knights toward Jin-Woo’s direction. He wins the war in the end, despite how tiring it is. Jin-Woo has been given the ability to build an army of the dead as the Job Change Quest comes to a close.

When he discovers that the system has classified him as a “Necromancer,” he is astonished. He first chooses to turn it down after learning that it is a “hidden class.” He is elevated from Necromancer to “Monarch of Shadows” as soon as he takes the role.

Jin-Woo transforms Igris and every other knight in the room into shadows after acquiring his new abilities. He initiates this by giving the order “Arise.”

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