Snapchat, Meta, and TikTok are facing a $4.5 billion lawsuit from Canadian schools.

TikTok, Meta, and Snapchat are the targets of a lawsuit brought by four schools in Ontario, Canada, alleging that their social media sites “disrupt the education system.”

School-aged children use TikTok, Meta’s Instagram and Facebook, as well as Snapchat, more than any other major social media network.

This has been acknowledged by four school boards in Canada, who claim that the websites have interfered with both student learning and the functioning of the educational system overall.

They have so united to bring a $4.5 billion lawsuit against the major media companies, alleging that their products were carelessly created to encourage obsessive use.

It states, “[The websites] have rewired children’s thinking, behavior, and learning, leaving educators and schools to manage the fallout.”

The Toronto District School Board is one of the school boards involved in the case; the board’s director of education issued a comment on the circumstances.

According to Colleen Russell-Rawlins, “it leads to pervasive problems such as distraction, social withdrawal, cyberbullying, a rapid escalation of aggression, and mental health challenges.”

Therefore, it is essential that we take action to guarantee our youth’s wellbeing. We are demanding that steps be taken to lessen these negative effects and give our generation’s mental health and academic achievement first priority.

This occurs only a few days after a measure requiring TikTok’s parent business ByteDance to sell the platform for short videos to a non-Chinese company was passed by the US House of Representatives. If not, the company will be banned from the US.

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