Sweet Home S3 and Hellbound S2 are revealed by Netflix in a massive K-drama teaser.

Several much-anticipated Netflix K-dramas are finally making a comeback in 2024; we can already see a preview of Hellbound Season 2, Sweet Home Season 3, and Gyeongseong Creature Season 2.

Not only will Squid Game eventually make a comeback with its second season, but several other titles will also receive fresh releases. With the conclusion of Sweet Home Season 2, the post-apocalyptic world grew and revealed many frightening new details.

In the midst of their military duty, Song Kang and Lee Do-hyun will appear in Sweet Home Season 3. The season seems great at first glance. The much-anticipated Hellbound Season 2 is no different. Following the first season’s immediate popularity, a second was quickly announced, but once the male lead was replaced, significant adjustments were made.

A new scene for Gyeongseong Creature Season 2 and the altered chemistry between Chae-ok and Tae-sang are also included in Netflix’s 2024 K-drama teaser. Now let’s get started.

Sweet Home Season 3 brings back Lee Do-hyun

Lee Do-hyun rejoins the cast of Sweet Home Season 3 as possibly his original character as the apocalyptic storyline continues.

Where the Season 2 finale left off is probably where we’ll see the first glimpse of Season 3. Fans are aware that Ui-myeong is actually Sang-won this time around, despite the teaser showing him back in action. Fans also witness the reappearance of Yi-kyung’s daughter Si-a, who was born a lethal mutant.

The teaser suggests that the two will probably run into each other and not realize they are connected. Yi-kyung’s reappearance is the biggest surprise of all. According to the plot of Sweet Home Season 2, Hyun-soo killed her after her kid turned on her monster gene.

Yeong-hu, Eun-yu, and Dr. Lim were all seen to be healthy and alive in the teaser. But when Yeong-hu finally gets to meet Eun-hyuk, you might have sprang from your seat. It was disclosed in the second season finale that not every infected person dies and turns into a monster.

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That’s precisely what the enigmatic eggs were. Not his former self, Eun-hyuk was a different person as he came out of the residential building on his back. Is this a different kind of monster? Hyun-soo was also shown in the Sweet Home Season 3 teaser, but in a more vicious light. His monstrous alter ego seized over to allow him to relax after he killed his companion, causing him much grief. Netflix will debut the K-drama in 2024.

Hellbound Season 2 gets its first look

The story of the battle between Earth, Heaven, and Hell continues in Hellbound Season 2 for Netflix, introducing Kim Sung-cheol as the new lead.

Hellbound was one of Netflix’s biggest successes during the infamy of Squid Game. Based on a webtoon, the K-drama had a unique take on religion and monsters. Humanity learns of monsters or angels appearing to fulfill a contract. What contract? Humans are given a prophecy of their deaths and will be taken by the monsters the second their prophecy expires.

The phenomenon led to a new world order, either fearing the monsters or creating a cult. Hellbound ended on a cliffhanger when it revealed the people the monsters killed have resurrected from death. But there was an issue, as the prophecy of a newborn wasn’t fulfilled thanks to the sacrifice of its parents. The event destroyed the belief system of the new world order.

The gang-like Arrowhead organization and the cult-like New Truth Society are still vying for dominance, according to an official first look at Hellbound Season 2. In addition, Kim Hyun-joo is back as Min Hye-jin, the lawyer who assisted in saving the baby.

The casting of actor Kim Sung-cheol as Jeong Jin-soo, the first cult leader of the New Truth Society, is the main revelation from the teaser. Kim joined the cast roster in Yoo Ah-in’s stead when he decided to leave the K-drama. The trailer for Hellbound Season 2 indicates that he has been reincarnated because his own prophecy had previously caused his death.

Gyeongseong Creature Season 2 returns to Netflix

The romance has changed between Chae-ok and Tae-sang in Gyeongseong Creature Season 2 as they take on the modern world.

Prior to the debut of the first season, it was revealed that Gyeongseong Creature had been given the go-ahead for a second. The plot left room to explore the key characters more at the conclusion. At the conclusion of her tale, Chae-ok obtained the najin to evade death. Alongside a clip from the post-credits showing Tae-sang living in modern-day Korea after miraculously becoming immortal, a kid born of the najin was also hinted at.

It was revealed that the main characters will be returning in Season 2, which will take place in the present era. What transpired between Tae-sang and Chae-ok, and how have they changed over the years? Anger between them is evident from a cursory glance at the season.

When Chae-ok tells him she prefers not to become involved, Tae-sang becomes enraged and declares that someone has died. When Chae-ok tries to deliver an unhuman blow that he easily catches, both of them have increased reflexes or strength. He cautions her not to hit him twice. She cautions him that he won’t be able to handle it even if he manages to discover the murderer. Could the adult killer be the najin baby?

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