The Beginning After The End Season 6: Release date and all we know

Season 6 of the eagerly awaited manhwa The Beginning After the End will be returning. Find out where to read the manhwa and when the new season will be released.

Among manhwa, The Beginning After The End is one of the most widely read. The manhwa began in 2018 and is based on the light novel of the same name published in 2017. It is written by TurtleMe and drawn by Fuyuki23, much like the light novel.

Reincarnation is a trope used in the epic fantasy novel The Beginning After the End. The strongest person on Earth, King Grey, is reborn as Arthur Leywin at the start of the novel. He swears to defend the kingdom of Dicathen and make up for the wrongs of his former life.

The Start Following the Finish Following the conclusion of Season 5, the author revealed that a sixth season was in development and would premiere in the spring of 2024. After almost a year, the creators have finally started to provide details regarding Season 6. Many people are hoping for an anime series; in the meanwhile, here’s how to stay up to date with new chapters.

The Beginning After The End release date

The Beginning After The End Season 6 will kick off on Saturday, May 18, 2024. The manhwa will return with Chapter 139, and the Korean version will arrive first, with an English translation shortly after.

After that, the manhwa will be updated weekly on KakaoPage in Korean, and Tapas in English, with the exception of the author’s scheduled breaks.

Along with the release date, Tapas Entertainment and TurtleMe also revealed that Season 6 will be illustrated by a different artist. The makers commemorated the announcement of The Beginning After The End with a new teaser art illustrated by the new artist.

Where to read The Beginning After The End

The Start Following the Finish Only Tapas in English and KakaoPage in Korean will get Season 6 releases. Users with memberships to Tapas will be able to access the chapters from the upcoming season.

Without a Tapas membership, readers may still access the manhwa for free. All they have to do is register for a free three-hour access, during which they can read whatever chapter they like.

The Beginning After the End light novel, the manhwa’s original source material, is also accessible on the site in Korean and various languages, including English. Regarding the manhwa, only the Korean release date has been revealed; however, it has been confirmed that the English version will debut shortly and will only be accessible on Tapas.

The Start Following the Finish Many lovers of manhwa have Season 6 on their reading lists. The sixth season of the light novel promises plenty of intriguing developments for Arthur and Tessia for those who are already familiar with it.

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