The internet is surprised to see Gru canonically having sex in the Despicable Me 4 teaser.

The latest teaser for Despicable Me 4 has taken the internet by surprise, as fans discovered that Gru has officially engaged in sexual activity, showcasing their offspring, Gru Junior.

Since its 2010 debut, Despicable Me has grown to become one of the most recognizable animated film franchises. Several sequels to the first movie in the franchise have been released, and spinoffs like the Minions have given rise to viral memes on the internet.

The primary character Gru, his “gorls,” and the adorably cute Minions he controls are still the focus of the core film franchise. The show has endured in viewers’ memories, whether it is him going back to his previous ways of being a villain or running into his twin brother Dru.

The trailer for Despicable Me’s fourth installment has already been released. The bizarre mischief that occurs in Gru’s life is what Despicable Me 4 aims to carry on, but with a new child as an extra twist. Naturally, the ramifications of this new child have the internet in a frenzy.

Twitter users quickly deduced that Gru must have had sex with his wife, Lucy Wilde, in the Despicable Me world if he is now a parent.

As they shared the latest clip, a shocked X user said, “GRU HAS CANONICALLY F****ED.”

Some viewers noticed a pretty subtle innuendo the minions yell in the teaser, in addition to the suggestion of sex.


Other users decided to input some other less-than-savvy comments, truly burdening the rest of the internet with these unholy thoughts.

“You think the grock is shaped like his nose?” one user asked.

“IT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ME, NOT HER,” another thirstily cried.

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