The top ten One Piece Devil Fruits in terms of power

The top ten One Piece Devil Fruits in terms of power: There are many magical and fantastic Devil Fruits in One Piece. These are currently the top ten strongest.

There are enigmatic Devil Fruits all across the One Piece universe. able to bestow extraordinary abilities on anybody who consumes them, such as Monkey D. Luffy’s capacity to stretch his body like rubber.

Every Devil Fruit power is unique. But there’s one special peculiarity that unites all those who have consumed them. When one consumes Devil Fruit, they get abilities and, mysteriously, become unable to swim.

So, from fire-breathing dragons to earth-moving shockwaves, here are the ten most powerful Devil Fruits in One Piece so far.

The top ten One Piece Devil Fruits in terms of power
After discovering the real purpose of Luffy’s Devil Fruit, let’s revisit the most powerful and recognizable fruits from the One Piece world.

10. Soru Soru no Mi

Big Mom gains the horrifying power to control and manipulate souls and animate whatever thing she desires thanks to her Soru Soru no Mi, or Soul Fruit.

With the Devil Fruit talent, she can summon formidable living weapons like Zeus and Prometheus to battle her foes, sending shivers down everyone’s spine. She can also animate her bodily parts to heal themselves, so she doesn’t have to worry about getting hurt. In addition, she has the capacity to kill at will because taking a victim’s soul may quickly kill them. It’s quite frightening, isn’t it?

9. Hie Hie no Mi

One of the most potent Devil Fruits ever discovered is the Hie Hie no Mi, also known as Ice-Ice Fruit, developed by former Marine Admiral Kuzan. This fruit, similar to a logia, gives its bearer the power to summon, control, and change into ice at will. It may also be used to walk on water and shock opponents.
Its many applications not only make it effective in everyday life but also fearsome in combat. Because of Kuzan’s Hie Hie no Mi fruit’s immense potency, half of Punk Hazard was transformed into an icy wasteland.

8. Magu Magu no Mi

It’s time for fire now that we’ve experienced ice. The Magma Maga Fruit, also known as the Magu Magu no Mi, comes next.

Admiral Akainu, one of One Piece’s most formidable marines, consumed this Logia-type Devil Fruit. This fiery Devil Fruit, who is well-known for his merciless (and sometimes vicious) nature, balances him out with its devastating ability. It does more than simply let Akainu set fire to anything he sees, though. In addition, it keeps his foes away from him and has the ability to send fiery meteors raining down from the sky. Who would want to take a chance of getting burned during close-quarters fighting?

7. Nikyu Nikyu no Mi

Here’s our first Devil Fruit of the Paramecia kind. This one is Bartholomew Kuma’s Nikyu Nikyu no Mi, or Paw Paw Fruit, which gives him the ability to reject everything, including people and things, that he touches with paws that appear on his hands. This is especially helpful during fighting since Kuma can launch opponents into the air, block blows, and shield himself from harm from any approaching item. It can also affect people’s memories; some fans speculate that Kuma may be able to use it to wipe their memories, influence their souls, or even transport himself or another person.

6. Op-Op Fruit

The next fruit categorization on this list is one we haven’t seen yet. The fruit known as Op-Op, or Operation Operation, gives its possessor the ability to establish a new realm that they are completely in charge of. This fruit, which is now in the possession of rookie North Blue pirate Trafalgar D. Water Law, allows him to control anybody inside the sphere he forms, even taking their limbs and hearts without harming them.

The fruit’s power enables Trafalgar Law to teleport people during battle, create powerful shockwaves, and also avoid getting hurt from oncoming attacks. There’s also the possibility that he’s able to perform an immortality procedure, where he can give up his life to ensure that someone else can live forever. Although this hasn’t been confirmed yet,.

5. Gura Gura no Mi

This Devil Fruit lives up to its name; it is also referred to as the Quake Fruit and was formerly utilized by the late Whitebeard. It allows the user to produce massive shockwaves that resemble earthquakes and are so strong they may even trigger tsunamis.

We learned in the series how Whitebeard cut Marineford Island in half, gained complete control over the waters, and even created tsunami waves capable of destroying an army. All thanks to his Devil Fruit power.

4. Toshi Toshi no Mi

This Devil Fruit skill wouldn’t have been on any list of the “most powerful” until lately. But subsequent developments in the One Piece manga have shown that this Bonney’s Devil Fruit may be among the strongest yet. Bonney’s capacity to change the ages of those around her has previously been demonstrated. She may, however, freely alter her own state, allowing her to become anything she would choose to become in the future, which she was able to transform into a manifestation of the Sun God Nika, as we’ve seen in the manga.

3. Pika Pika no Mi

Third on our list is the powerful Pika Pika no Mi fruit. It gives Kizaru, the frightening Naval Admiral, the ability to transform his body into light, making him very swift and nimble.

It may also be used in combat, giving him the power to generate a blade of light to fight in close quarters and fire laser beams at his opponent. This indicates that it’s one of the most potent and adaptable devil fruits.

2. Hito Hito no Mi

The top ten One Piece Devil Fruits in terms of power

Monkey D. Luffy’s Human-Human Fruit: Model Nika comes in at number two. Given that its full nature wasn’t revealed to us until much later in the series, this is one of the most intriguing results of the endeavor. Everyone was first made to believe that juvenile pirate Monkey D. Luffy had converted his body into rubber by possessing the Gomu Gomu no Mi (Rubber Rubber) fruit. He does, however, truly possess the human-human fruit. Luffy has the shape and abilities of the ancient Sun God Nika—who is reputed to be among the most powerful in all of Shonen anime—thanks to this legendary fruit. Luffy can control his environment as if he were made of rubber and has ultimate control over his own body.

1. Yami Yami no Mi

The top ten One Piece Devil Fruits in terms of power

Finally, at number one, we have the fruit of nightmares – the Yami Yami no Mi or Darkness Darkness fruit.

This rare fruit, which is now in the possession of the notorious pirate Blackbeard, possesses the ability to control gravity and darkness. This gives Blackbeard the ability to absorb and neutralize the energies of any other Devil Fruit user, engulfing them in a pitch-black emptiness that subdues all within, regardless of their strength. The Devil Fruits from One Piece are among the most creatively used components in any shonen anime. The abilities of the Devil Fruit users are seen to evolve and expand as the series goes on. This implies that Eiichiro Oda always has something planned to keep our fans guessing no matter what.

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