Cast of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Every actor and character

Cast of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Every actor and character: Here is all the information you need to know about the characters of the upcoming Disney Plus series, Percy Jackson & the Olympians, which brings the Greek Gods to Earth.
In recent years, one of the most anticipated Disney+ series has been Percy Jackson & The Olympians. The books have been a popular series for the past several decades. They follow a young demigod as he tries to discover his place in the world and survive all the Greek mythology and monsters that come with it.

Cast of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Every actor and character

Percy Jackson & the Olympians cast & characters

The official synopsis of Season 1, which follows the plot of the first book, Percy Jackson & the Lightning Thief, reads: “12-year-old modern demigod, Percy Jackson, is coming to terms with his newfound divine powers when the sky god, Zeus, accuses him of stealing his master lightning bolt; with his friend’s help, Percy must restore order to Olympus.”

Check out the trailer below:

This franchise has a ton of great characters, so let’s get into the main players in the Percy Jackson cast.

Percy Jackson: Walker Scobell

Walker Scobell in Percy Jackson and the Olympians as Percy.
Cast of Percy Jackson & the Olympians: Every actor and character

Percy Jackson is our lead, a troubled pre-teen that turns out to be the son of Poseidon, who must go on a quest to prevent a war amongst the Gods.

Walker Scobell is already a rising star, having featured alongside Ryan Reynolds in The Adam Project, as well as Secret Headquarters.

Annabeth Chase: Leah Jeffries

Percy Jackson main trio

Annabeth is the daughter of Athena, who Percy meets at Camp Halfblood. Logical and no-nonsense, she aids Percy on his quest to retrieve Zeus’ stolen lightning bolt

Leah Jeffries, who plays Annabeth, can also be seen in Something From Tiffanies, as well as Beast.

Grover Underwood: Aryan Simhadri

Percy Jackson and the Olympians season 2

Grover Underwood is a satyr from Greek mythology, meaning his body is half human and half goat. He befriends and protects Percy from a young age, as is his duty, and also joins him on his quest.

Aryan Simhadri can also be seen in Spin and Cheaper by the Dozen.

Sally Jackson: Virginia Kull

Sally Jackson in Percy Jackson

Sally is Percy’s mother, who has protected him from any potential Godly threats, since Percy is considered a “forbidden child.”

Gabe Ugliano: Timm Sharp

Gabe in Percy Jackson

Gabe Ugliano is Percy’s awful stepfather, who Sally married to help hide the danger-drawing scent of Percy – since Gabe smells like “moldy garlic pizza wrapped in gym shorts” in the book.

Timm Sharp also appears in Americano, Blunt Talk, and Rainbow Time.

Zeus: Lance Reddick

Zeus in Percy Jackson

Zeus, the ruler of the Gods, plays somewhat of an antagonist in this story, as he blames Poseidon and Percy for stealing his missing Master Bolt.

Lance Reddick, who died shortly after production wrapped on Season 1, is also a star of the John Wick series, The Wire, and The Guest.

Poseidon: Toby Stephens

Poseidon in Percy Jackson

Poseidon is Percy Jackson’s absent father who also happens to be God of the Sea, and he helps Percy out from time to time as his son attempts to retrieve the Master Bolt.

Hades: Jay Duplass

Hades in Percy Jackson

Hades is the last of the Big Three Gods whose children are forbidden from existing. Hades is a primary suspect for taking the Master Bolt, so that’s where Percy and co head towards on their quest.

Jay Duplass plays the God of the Underworld, and also appears in Transparent, Pain Hustlers, and Jeff, Who Lives at Home.

Ares: Adam Copeland

Hades on a motorbike

As the God of War, Ares plays a major antagonist in Percy Jackson Season 1. He has been sent by Zeus to track Percy down and fight him for the Master Bolt.

Ares is played by Adam Copeland, who is also known for Vikings and his time in the WWE, where he went by the name of Edge.

Hermes: Lin-Manuel Miranda

Lin Manuel Miranda as Hermes

Hermes, who is the father of another of Percy Jackson’s friends, Luke, is also a God – and UPS delivery man.

Lin-Manuel Miranda is best known for his work on Hamilton, as well as In the Heights and Mary Poppins Returns.

Chiron: Glynn Turman

Chrion in Percy Jackson

Chrion, who is the son of overarching antagonist Kronos, is an immortal centaur, as well as activities director at Camp Half Blood. He acts as a mentor to Percy Jackson throughout the series.

Glynn Turman can be seen in Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, as well as Cooley High.

Luke Castellan: Charlie Bushnell

Luke pointing a sword

Luke is a fellow demi-god and the son of Hermes, who quickly becomes a friend to Percy, guiding him around Camp Halfblood.

Charlie Bushnell plays Luke, and is best known for starring in Diary of a Future President.

Dionysus: Jason Mantzoukas

D in Percy Jackson

Dionysus, aka Mr. D, is the God of wine – who isn’t allowed to drink – and unwilling director of Camp Half-Blood.

Jason Mantzoukas is a comedy alumni, having roles on Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Parks and Recreation, and The Good Place.

Alecto: Megan Mullally

Alecto looking stern

Initially posing as Percy Jackson’s algebra teacher, Alecto is a servant of Hades and chief torturer of the Underworld. She also happens to be one of the three Furies.

Megan Mullally is also known for her more comedic roles, including on Will & Grace and Parks & Recreation.

Medusa: Jessica Parker Kennedy

Medusa with her victims

Medusa is an interesting antagonist to Percy who he meets along his quest, as she runs a gnome emporium, where she also keeps the statues of her victims.

Jessica Parker Kennedy can also be seen in the CW’s The Flash, along with Black Sails and Under the Christmas Sky.

Clarisse La Rue: Dior Goodjohn

Percy Jackson cast at camp Half Blood

As the daughter of Ares, Clarisse La Rue is a combative and experienced camper. She attempts to bully Percy Jackson by dunking his head in the toilets – but with his water powers, her plans don’t exactly work out.

Dior Goodjohn’s other roles include on Are You Afraid of the Dark and Head of Class.

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