Uncover the Mystery of Fortnite’s Hidden Gnomes

The battle royale game Fortnite, which is incredibly well-liked, is renowned for its mysterious quests and buried rewards. Among these undiscovered gems are the mysterious Hidden Gnomes, which, when gathered, grant an incredible 20,000 XP apiece. Even though these gnomes could be hard to find at first, we can help you find their precise places.

Instead of citing passages from the original text, let’s provide our own explanation of the Hidden Gnomes. These cunning animals may be found all around the Fortnite area in different places. Every gnome has a different hiding place, from the eastern cliff edge of Paradise Palm to the sheet metal llama statue in Junk Junction. They may be spotted lounging on an armchair at the foot of the Moai monument in Greasy Grove, enjoying a tea party with teddy bears, or sitting on chairs.

A white “!” sign will show over a Hidden Gnome’s head when you are close to one. This sign directs you to where the gnome is located by acting as an indication. The same sign will show up over each gnome’s head throughout the map, so you don’t need to worry about more than one symbol showing up. Remember that once you’ve gathered a gnome, it won’t reappear, saving you the trouble of looking for it again.

Though they aren’t connected to any particular mission, Hidden Gnomes are well worth your time and effort because of their substantial 20,000 XP return. Obtaining every one of the ten gnomes will fulfill your completionist streak in addition to providing you with a significant XP increase.

So grab your stuff and head off on a Fortnite gnome-hunting excursion. Explore the secret realm of these funny animals by keeping an eye out for the telltale “!” sign. It’s time to improve, get experience points, and emerge as the greatest Fortnite original!


1. What are Hidden Gnomes in Fortnite?
Hidden Gnomes are small creatures that are hidden at various locations across the Fortnite map.

2. How many Hidden Gnomes are there?
There are a total of ten Hidden Gnomes in Fortnite.

3. How much XP do you get for collecting a Hidden Gnome?
Each Hidden Gnome offers a reward of 20,000 XP.

4. Do the Hidden Gnomes respawn?
No, once you’ve collected a Hidden Gnome, it will not respawn, so you don’t have to search for it again.

5. Are the Hidden Gnomes part of a specific quest?
No, Hidden Gnomes are not linked to a specific quest, but collecting them will give you a substantial XP boost.

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