A render of the iPhone 16 has a strangely recognizable appearance.

With a revised camera module, the iPhone 16 may have a new design that is quite similar to the iPhone 12.

Since the release of the iPhone 11, not many design modifications have been made to the standard iPhone. Although Apple altered the camera orientation, added new hues, and improved the appearance, the basic design stayed the same. The iPhone 16 may bring forth this modification.

According to leaked renderings, Apple may be considering changing to a new, less interesting design in place of the present one. It’s possible that the diagonal camera configuration of the iPhone 15 will give way to a layout more like that of the iPhone 12.

The design renders have been shared by Apple Hub on X. The source has created these renders based on existing leaks and rumors. The color options shown in the renders belong to the iPhone 15.

Similar to the iPhone 12, the iPhone 16 render displays a vertical camera arrangement. You get to determine whether or not this new design looks decent. We do believe it to be less remarkable and more dull than the iPhone 15, though.

Additionally, last Sunday, leaker Majin Bu released blueprints that remarkably resemble the Apple Hub design mockups. It is significant to note that none of this information has been confirmed by Apple, and confirmation is not anticipated until September 2024.

A new “Capture Button” may be one of the iPhone 16’s further design modifications. Although its precise purpose is unknown, the name suggests that it may be a camera shutter. There could also be the dynamic island that the iPhone 15 displays.

iPhone 16 may not be a huge upgrade

The design may not be the only boring aspect of the iPhone 16. Reports suggest that the rest of its specifications could be equally mediocre. The display size of the phone may remain the same as the iPhone 15, and it might continue using a 60Hz panel.

The smartphone is also likely to retain the same 48MP + 12MP camera setup as the iPhone 15. Elsewhere, the iPhone 16 could be powered by an A17 chip, not the A17 Pro found in the iPhone 15 Pro Max. This chipset is based on an inferior N3E process.

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