Look out for these upcoming VR headsets in 2024.

Due to the current spike in interest in VR devices, a number of highly anticipated new headsets are scheduled to launch by 2024.

With the introduction of the Meta Quest 3, virtual reality has become more accessible and inexpensive than before, while the market for high-end headsets has been rekindled by Apple’s foray into the VR space with the Vision Pro.

This renewed interest has made
other hardware manufacturers eager to join in. There are rumours about headsets in the works from several well-known corporations like Google, Samsung, and Valve, as well as some extremely intriguing initiatives from smaller businesses.

Here’s a list of VR and XR headsets that we think deserve your attention as we continue through 2024.

Upcoming Virtual Reality headsets

Bigscreen Beyond VR headset

An inventor of virtual reality software who also dabbles in hardware created the Bigscreen Beyond VR headgear. Earlier this year, the headset was unveiled, confirming its cost, appearance, functionality, and specifications. Shipping is anticipated to begin in May 2024.

OLED screens with a resolution of 2560 × 2560 pixels per eye and a refresh rate of up to 90 Hz are included with this virtual reality headset. It costs $999 and is quite tiny, weighing only 127 grams.

The manufacturer will get in touch with you to request a 3D scan of your face after your pre-order. This is utilized to construct the face cushion specifically for the user based on their form. Once the headset reaches the shipment stage, it will be mailed straight to the user.

The headset comes with pancake lenses that help keep it compact and light in weight. It features a 90-degree field of view and fully supports VR games on Steam. You can also enjoy movies, play games, and hang out with friends in VR using Bigscreen’s app.

Valve Deckard VR headset

The creators of Steam Deck are developing a replacement for Valve Index. The business has acknowledged that it is working on a second-generation VR headgear, but it hasn’t yet disclosed any information.

The business is optimistic about virtual reality because it has the necessary expertise to develop new technology and a library of games that make the most of the capabilities of the future headgear.

The popularity of the Valve portable gaming system may partly be attributed to the company’s large library of games and competitive price. On the other side, the Valve Index headset, which was introduced in 2019 and costs $1000 for the entire kit, is doing rather well.

A potentially revolutionary device, the impending VR headset from Valve may challenge Bigscreen’s headsets, which appear to gain from Valve’s game catalog.

Apple Vision Pro Lite

There have been reports since the release of the Apple Vision Pro that the company is developing a smaller and less expensive version of the headset. According to the leaks, the next headset will be a “entry-level” model.

The OLED screens are the primary hindrance and the primary cause of the headset’s exorbitant price. According to reports, Apple is looking for a less expensive option, maybe by switching suppliers.

Online tipster Tech_reve posted rumors claiming that the price of the “entry-level” Vision OPro might be as low as $1,500. There hasn’t been any formal news about an official debut date as of yet.

Project Moohan by Samsung and Google

Numerous sources suggest that Google and Samsung, who are already working together on Wear OS and Android, are teaming together to take on Apple. The combined effort may produce Project Moohan, a potent XR headset.

According to reports, Samsung may provide the hardware and branding for this Extended Reality (XR) headset, while Google is preparing the Android XR software that would run the device. Both businesses want to produce a powerful headgear that might rival Apple’s Vision Pro.

The teams behind these two enormous IT companies, though, are apparently angry about the delays and anxious about producing a subpar product.

Apart from software like ARCore, Tilt Brush, and various AR Google Maps capabilities, Google has a lengthy record of unsuccessful AR-related hardware devices, such as Google Glass, Cardboard, Daydream, Tango, and Iris. For this reason, Samsung is eager to assume leadership of the project and make sure it is implemented.

The launch date of the Project Moohan is anyone’s guess at the moment. However, a Korean newspaper recently reported Samsung and Google have hit the reset button on their project and delayed the launch.

As per the outlet, Samsung is now planning to use higher resolution screens for its XR headset to match the 4K-in-each-eye (8K) displays offered by the Apple Vision Pro. This might push the headset’s launch to mid-2024.

Pico Project Swan

Pico is a smaller VR device maker owned by ByteDance. Reportedly the upcoming Pico 5 was cancelled in favour of a high-end mixed reality device that is hoped to rival the Apple Vision Pro.

Little is known so far about the specifics of this device, save that it is being developed under the codename ‘Project Swan’.

Sony MR Headset

Sony debuted a new Mixed Reality (MR) headset at CES 2024. The nameless headset will be powered by a Snapdragon XR2+ Gen 2 CPU and will include two 4K OLED screens along with a variety of sensors to enable real-world pass-through.

In contrast to the PSVR 2, this headgear is designed to be used by developers and is not intended for general users. It features a special set of controls that are separated into “interaction” and “pointer” units.

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