Meta’s Game-Changing Update: Delete Threads Accounts Without Losing Instagram

Meta is gearing up to revolutionize its text-based social media platform, Threads, with an upcoming feature that allows users to bid farewell to their Threads accounts while keeping their Instagram profiles unscathed. Currently, deleting a Threads account results in an automatic wipeout of the associated Instagram account.

Launched by Meta in July, Threads rapidly stormed the scene, garnering millions of downloads in just five days since its release. For existing Instagram users, creating Threads accounts was a breeze – a simple login with their Instagram credentials did the trick.

However, the inability to sever ties with Threads without sacrificing the linked Instagram account posed a major drawback. According to insiders, Meta is on track to rectify this issue by year-end.

Michel Protti, Meta’s chief privacy officer for product, shed light on the complexity of enabling this feature. Nevertheless, the company is committed to empowering users to exercise their deletion rights. This might entail deactivating the Threads account, setting it to private, or selectively erasing threads while leaving the Instagram account intact.

This impending transformation promises Threads users an elevated level of control over their accounts and privacy, streamlining the management of their presence on the platform. Get ready to say goodbye to Threads without bidding adieu to Instagram!

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