One Piece Episode 1092: Release date & spoilers

This is One Piece Episode 1092 release date, spoilers, and preview, which will explain Bonney’s real reason for visiting Egghead.

The Egghead storyline in One Piece has only recently begun, but it is going to unveil Dr. Vegapunk’s actual nature. This is the first time the brilliant scientist has ever been featured in the series, but it looks like the riddle will eventually be solved. But now that a few people on the island are claiming to be Vegapunk, Luffy and the others are even more perplexed.

Furthermore, the futuristic island greatly fascinates the Straw Hats. This is the location of Vegapunk’s research facility, and the island is thought to have been technologically advanced for 500 years.

One Piece Episode 1092 release date and time

One Piece Episode 1092 will be released on January 28 at 9:30am JST. It is a weekly anime that drops every Sunday.

The episode will be available to stream across various time zones after it’s released in Japan. You can find your time zone below:

  • 6:00pm PT 
  • 8:00pm Central Time 
  • 9:00pm Eastern Time Zone 
  • 2:00am UK 
  • 6:30am India Standard Time 
  • 10:30am Australia

One Piece Episode 1092 spoilers and preview

The title of One Piece episode 1092 is “Bonney’s Lamentation! On the island of the future, darkness lurks. The Straw Hats and Bonney continue to tour the island and shop for new outfits after Atlas departs. The light, futuristic clothing astounds them.

While conversing, a Pacifista donning a police suit approaches them, and Luffy spots Kuma. He engages in combat as soon as he feels the Pacifista preparing to launch an attack. As this is going on, Bonney prevents Luffy from injuring Kuma after being startled to see him.

She breaks out in tears and says that Kuma is the only family she has, along with her father. She implores Luffy to cease his injuries. As the Pacifista gets ready for yet another strike, Luffy spots it and saves Bonney. He makes an effort to persuade her that the person in front of them is only his clone and not her father.

Conversely, the Heart Pirates are under attack by the Blackbeard Pirates. One of the Ten Titan Captains, Doc Q, uses his Sick-Sick Fruit to spread the feminization virus to Law and the other members of his crew. The law releases a ton of haki to reverse the devil’s fruit’s effects and return to normal. But the true battle between them is about to start.

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