The Morning After: iOS 17.4 is here

At least in the European Union, Apple’s most recent iOS upgrade includes a significant addition. Apple now formally enables third-party app shops on the iPhone with the release of iOS 17.4.

Apple is opening up the NFC chip to wireless payment methods other than Apple Pay, and web browser developers are no longer need to build their apps around Apple’s WebKit. These modifications all follow the EU’s new, stringent regulations. (As the EU’s Digital Markets Act takes effect, anticipate hearing additional changes from Apple, Google, and other large internet companies.)

Apple Podcasts now provides automated transcriptions in English, Spanish, French, and German if you’re not in the EU (same). Text that has been searched can be tapped to play audio at the granular word level. Without more emoji—including, at last, phoenix emojis—many bug patches, and other features, it wouldn’t be an iOS update.

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