The top 2024 free screen recorders

Searching for the top free screen capture app? So that you don’t have to, we’ve searched the internet for our top selections of the finest free screen recorders.

There are several reasons why you might need to take a screen capture on your PC. particularly now that we are more reliant on video than ever. Having recording software with user-friendly capabilities at your disposal is a useful tool to have, whether you’re recording meetings, webcam footage, or even some recent playtime on your gaming PC.

There is an endless array of screen recording software available; unfortunately, some of it is restricted by obscene paywalls. Fortunately, not all screen recording programs are created equal, and a lot of them are free to use, so you may record your screen without having to worry about going over budget.

In light of this, we’ve searched the entire internet and put together a list of the top free screen recorders available for download right now.

1. OBS Studio

  • Supported platforms: Windows, macOS & Linux
  • Features: No video recording limits, HD recording,
  • Price: Free

OBS is most often known for being a tool used by streamers to broadcast their games and screens to the public. On the other hand, the open-source, free program is also among the greatest screen recorders available right now. The software lets you record from a variety of sources, including web browser windows, your webcam, games, and more. It is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux-based operating systems.

There are no time restrictions on how much you may record, unlike with other free screen recorders, and there are no ugly watermarks to be discovered. On the other hand, utilizing OBS comes with a high learning curve.

OBS relies on the use of “scenes,” which might be difficult to comprehend. But since it’s one of the most popular screen recorders and streaming software programs out there, there are a ton of online courses accessible to help you become an OBS expert.

2. ShareX

  • Supported platforms: Windows
  • Features: Ad-free, custom uploader support, quick screen capture sharing, lightweightadvanced hotkey system
  • Price: Free

After more than 16 years of development, Share X has established itself as a top screen recording tool. The open-source program is completely free of advertisements and a simple, portable way to quickly and easily record your screen anytime you need to.

Although the main purpose of the software is to take screenshots, you may record and take screenshots of any part of your screen with Share X, and sharing it is as simple as clicking a button. You may record your whole screen, any open windows or monitors, and the desired question area of your screen using the free screen recorder.

3. Bandicam

  • Supported platforms: Windows
  • Features: Up to 4K support, minimal watermark, lightweight app, multiple setting profiles
  • Price: Free

Similar to OBS, Bandicam is mostly used for screen recording and streaming by YouTubers and other content providers. Everything on the screen of your Windows computer may be recorded by the program, which can then store the footage as easily viewed MP4 or AVI video and picture files.

There are several restrictions with the software’s free edition. You may only record for ten minutes at a time without subscribing to the premium version, and all footage will have a Bandicam watermark.

You may still record and save online movies, participate in video conferences, and even record games using the program’s free edition. Additionally, you can take advantage of real-time sketching while recording, and the Bandicam website offers a ton of simple-to-follow lessons.

4. Loom

  • Supported platforms: Windows, MacOS & Google Chrome
  • Features: Speaker notes, HD recordings, background and frames, drawing tool
  • Price: Free

Loom is one of the most straightforward and easy-to-use screen recorders on the list. The software can be downloaded as a desktop app, to get the whole range of included features. It’s alternatively available as a Google Chrome extension if you’re low on time and just want to quickly record any window over your choice.

Once downloaded, the screen recorder will quickly outline what each function of the software can do, and how to access them. From then on out, you can choose between recording full-screen, a single window, and camera-only recordings.

The five-minute recording restriction on Loom’s free version is the main drawback. Many free screen recording programs have recording restrictions, which may be a deal breaker if you want to record extended gameplay sessions, business meetings, or conferences.

5. Free Cam

  • Supported platforms: Windows
  • Features: Video editing tools, audio recording, direct YouTube uploading
  • Price: Free

For people who need to swiftly record the entire screen or a selected portion of it, Free Cam is an easy-to-use screen recorder. Watermarks and time limitations are absent from Free Cam, and in its place is an intuitive user interface complete with integrated audio and video editing.

Free Cam stands out because to its YouTube compatibility, despite the fact that it can only record in 760p. You may post your screen capture directly to YouTube without ever leaving the program once you’ve entered your account details.

What to consider when selecting the best screen recorder

Not every screen recorder will suit everyone’s needs. We all have our reasons why we need to record our screens, requiring our own set of features and tools. However, some key factors remain important when considering what software will work best.


The first major thing to consider when selecting the best screen recorder is compatibility. What hardware you’re using and the operating system you’re running is important to figure out what screen recorder will work best for you. Not every software is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux, so always double-check that your screen recorder is compatible with your current setup.

Ease of use

Having a free-to-use screen recorder at your disposal can be a great tool to have, but not if it’s overly complicated to use.

Plus, not everyone has the same tech background, so there can be disparities when it comes to how quickly you can get your hand around the layout and settings available of any given screen recorder.


If you don’t have other video-based software at hand, having access to editing tools can be exceptionally helpful. Not all screen recorders, free or otherwise, will come with what you need to edit your footage. Software like OBS, for example, does not come packed with any video editor, leaving you to source those tools on your own.

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