TikTok is directly targeted by YouTube’s new Shorts feature.

You can now easily mix in music videos into your creations

Though it began as a central location for under-60-second videos on the most popular video platform on the internet, YouTube Shorts—the network’s response to TikTok—has been growing. It has grown to be a major platform for producers who have developed whole audiences through short-form films, with billions of logged-in views each month. Of course, by adopting some of TikTok’s concepts, YouTube Shorts has become a formidable competitor. Last year, YouTube Shorts added tools like Collab to better compete, and now it’s enhancing the experience by letting people remix music videos.

A blog post on YouTube has revealed a ton of new music remix possibilities for Shorts. You may now modify several parameters from an extended music video to create your own original work. Simply navigate to the music video you wish to remix into a Short, click the Remix button, then select one of the four available tools to get started.

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You may display the music video and your own side by side using the Collab feature. Imagine performing some dance steps in time to the choreography of a music video while your short is playing simultaneously with the video.

The Sound tool performs just what its name suggests. It allows you to incorporate music video soundtrack in your own short film. That’s the type of thing that people who enjoy lip-syncing to various audio snippets love to do on TikTok. Most tracks are automatically posted to the platform and this tool is compatible with almost any type of music video.

You may also use the Green Screen feature to make the music video the background of your short. This is ideal for reaction videos, in which artists discuss how they feel about a recently released music video. You may easily incorporate a brief five-second clip from a music video into your Short by using the Cut tool in the meanwhile.

There’s a catch, though: not every music video can be remixed. YouTube notes that music companies or artists may have placed restrictions on the usage of their content for remixing.

The timing of YouTube’s release of this feature couldn’t be better; it coincides with TikTok’s struggles with Universal Music, which have resulted in the platform losing access to several popular songs. For many TikTok users, this financial dispute resulted in muted clips. It really hurt developers since music is such a huge issue on many apps. However, YouTube is coming up to take its place.

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