Twitter launches new feature allowing audio and video calls

Twitter is formally unveiling a new tool that lets users have voice and video conversations, following a flurry of rumors and conjectures.

Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, the social media site has undergone a number of modifications. The most recent one lets users conduct both audio and video conversations.

One of Twitter’s designers, Andrea Conway, hinted at the possible functionality in a tweet earlier this year in July. Users had to wait for an update at the time because no information was released.

But now that the formal announcement of the new feature has arrived, the moment has finally come.

“Audio and video calls are here!” is the notification’s message, and it offers users the opportunity to activate the function via the app’s settings.

Users may change the option to “Enable audio and video calling” once they are in the settings. The software claims that allowing users to select who they feel “comfortable using it with” will “take messaging to the next level.”
Only verified users, those you follow, and contacts in your address book may utilize the new functionality. To place a call, start a direct message (DM) with another user and click the phone icon. After that, users will have the choice of making an audio or video call.

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