Users of Apple Vision Pro display their mastery in streaming PS5 and Steam Deck.

PlayStation 5 and Steam Deck owners have been getting it on the fun and getting their money’s worth with the Apple Vision Pro.

Although the Apple Vision Pro has just recently been available, many people are already going beyond what the pricy piece of Apple technology can accomplish. With “spatial computing” in mind, the expensive VR gear allows you to operate all of your apps within the virtual reality area that is displayed. However, much like any powerful device, gamers have also found inventive methods to use it.

A new way to play the PlayStation 5

A person on Twitter/X/Twitter brought the Apple Vision Pro to utilize with their PlayStation 5. Video of the Apple headset being used to project a screen for the Sony system running God of War: Ragnarok was shared by user danlowlows.

They were able to play without using their smart television by streaming the PS5 console via the MirrorPlay iPad app. Though it might not be the simplest method to use the PS5, the capabilities of the Apple Vision Pro are astounding.

Solidpatt221, an X/Twitter user, said that “the concept of putting on a headset and playing a game anywhere is insane (and awesome)” after watching the video.

“Wait there are third-party apps to do that?!,” questioned quentinverchere, a fellow X/Twitter user, in response to the message. You brightened my day! I was so sad to see that the PS Remote App was not available in the Vision Pro Store.

Not just PlayStation 5 enthusiasts have been experimenting with the Apple headset’s compatibility. Owners of gaming handhelds, such as those who possess a Steam Deck, have also been making excellent use of the Apple Vision Pro.

Steam Deck users are also joining in on the fun

An Apple Vision Pro user is utilizing the powerful headset to enhance their Steam Deck gaming experiences. The post was first made on X/Twitter and then on the r/SteamDeck SubReddit. A video showing the VR headgear reflecting the user’s Valve portable display was presented by user justicejake.

on the video, justicejake was able to freely move and alter the Steam Deck’s projected display while relaxing on their bed, much like Danlowlows on X/Twitter, using the Steam Link iPad software. The headgear takes the already amazing functionality a notch higher by superimposing a sunset sky over the Reddit user’s bedroom setting.

Accompanying the video footage, justicejake iterated that there are “probably cheaper ways to stream your Steam Deck to a headset” and they’d be right. This cool trick costs $3,499, and that’s not including the price of having the Steam Deck on top of it all.

While it’s an expensive way to play the Steam Deck, fellow r/SteamDeck SubReddit user letshavefunoutthere commented, “damn that’s so f*****g cool. apple’s AR future is going to be such a game changer.”

PhattyR6 stated that it was the “most sane use of this three grand headset I’ve seen so far.”

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