When the Humane AI Pin video caused a stir, Marques Brownlee defended his “bad reviews.”

YouTuber Marques Brownlee has posted a new video responding to the backlash that followed his Human AI Pin review, defending his decision to post negative reviews.

The Humane AI Pin was evaluated by Marques Brownlee, aka MKBHD, who published it on Monday and referred to it as the “worst product” he has ever reviewed. Still, a few have attacked him, calling him “unethical” and accusing him of “potentially killing someone else’s nascent project.”

In response to the criticism, MKBHD stated, “I don’t even think Humane is going anywhere,” posing the hypothetical question, “If the product is actually really good, do you still get a bunch of negative reviews and then die as a company?”

The YouTuber said, “I totally get that,” in response to criticism that the video’s title and thumbnail were too “clickbaity.” However, I also support our title and thumbnail—particularly the last part of the title. Remember that the majority of people who see this in their subscription box and feed have never heard of The Humane AI pin before, and this will be their first exposure to it.

“Hopefully, they click on it, and then a well-thought-out, balanced, honest, amusing, and educational film is provided to them,” MKBHD continued.

Additionally, MKBHD emphasized that he has no obligation to any of the businesses whose goods he reviews and that his objective is to “make an informative, educational, and honest video review.” It is limited to the viewers of the videos.

An AI gadget called the Humane AI Pin seeks to take the place of your smartphone. It uses a laser projector and speech output in place of a screen. It serves as your personal helper when you’re out and about, attached to your clothing.

Although the AI Pin seems like a great idea on paper, early reviews—such as the one released by MKBHD—note that it’s incredibly sluggish, doesn’t have many fundamental features, and frequently gives the wrong response. In addition, it costs $899 plus $24 a month for a membership.

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