A wearable AI pin powered by OpenAI is unveiled by Humane to replace smartphones.

Imran Chaudhri and Bethany Bongiorno, two former Apple designers, launched the AI business Humane, which has debuted its first product, the $699 Humane AI Pin. This lapel pin incorporates voice commands for text messaging, phoning, and information retrieval; it may be used as a substitute for a smartphone. The pin is notable for having a laser display that allows the user to use their palm as a small screen to view the time, date, and other information.

One standout aspect is that the gadget doesn’t listen all the time; instead, it only starts up when the user interacts with it using voice, touch, gesture, or the laser ink display. The AI Pin needs a $24 T-Mobile data plan each month in order to function without cellphones. With a Qualcomm chipset, the gadget has a built-in speaker and camera that allow it to take pictures and videos that can be seen on Humane’s website.

The AI Pin can access AI services from businesses like Microsoft, Google, and OpenAI and translate text in real time. It makes it easier to ask questions about information or music from science fiction movies by using big language models to provide responses. Tidal memberships are needed to access the music. Additionally, the assistant can offer condensed daily schedules, messages, and medical information. The Humane AI Pin will be on sale on November 16 after a funding round that collected over $200 million, with contributions from Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff and OpenAI CEO Sam Altman.

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