China Wants to Build Advanced Humanoid Robots by 2025

China has always aspired to be at the forefront of innovative fields like artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum computing. Its current focus is on realistic robots, which are yet another sci-fi domain.

The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology has set a target for the nation to manufacture its first humanoid robots by 2025. The government will support more fledgling businesses in the sector, establish benchmarks for the sector, foster talent development, and strengthen global collaboration.

Following the policy guidelines, the stock of Chinese robotics businesses increased dramatically, adding yet another element to the technological arms race between the two largest economies in the world in terms of processors and hardware. Thus far, US firms like Boston Dynamics and Tesla have benefited from a technological advantage.

According to the ministry, China, the top producer of electronics in the world, plans to make significant advancements in motion control, environment sensing, and machine-to-human interaction over the next two years. The government has asked for more research into the creation of dexterous robot hands, arms, and feet and is supporting the application of AI in robotics.

The policy document was ambitious but lacked specificity. Additionally, China intends to build a trustworthy system by 2027 for humanoid robots to be able to think, learn, and create.

Miracle Automation Engineering and Ningbo Zhongda Leader Intelligent Transmission had its shares soar by the daily cap of ten percent, while shares of Siasun Robot & Automation and Shenzhen Sunwin Intelligent also saw growth.

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