How to cancel YouTube TV subscription

How much would you be willing to spend to stop YouTube ads?

Ad blockers are being targeted by YouTube, giving consumers the option of using the product in a different way or not at all. However, what would you charge to prevent YouTube adverts, if you could choose your own price?

There are now four alternatives available with YouTube adverts. You have three options: ignore them, pay for YouTube Premium, or attempt to use an ad blocker—which will ultimately be unsuccessful as Google widens the blocking of ad blocks.

Honestly, it’s not an option for a lot of people to simply stop using YouTube. YouTube is home to some of the most helpful information on the internet in addition to a large number of producers that consistently upload top-notch videos to the platform. Many people have stated that the disabling of ad blockers will cause them to stop using YouTube, although it’s likely that these efforts will not be sustained indefinitely.

Given that the primary benefit of the monthly membership is the removal of advertisements while the content producers are still compensated, YouTube Premium seems like the natural answer. However, at $13.99 a month, it’s not exactly inexpensive.

You do get a lot for that price, with YouTube Music, offline downloads, and background playback alongside the lack of ads. But still, for those who just want to avoid YouTube’s seemingly relentless onslaught of ads, it’s not a small price to pay.

Earlier this year, we proposed the idea of a cheaper YouTube Premium plan, which would cost less and only remove ads – no downloads and, more importantly, no YouTube Music. And it’s an idea we’d still love to see happen. Meanwhile, YouTube has gone in the opposite direction, killing off a “Premium Lite” plan that was almost exactly what we were asking for, even though it never was available in most regions.

Personally, I’m happy to keep going with the existing YouTube Premium, as I arguably spend more time on YouTube than I do any of the other streaming services I pay for. But I do wish there was a middle ground. Something under $10 per month that could get rid of ads.

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